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Documentation and Conservation of the Emile Gilliéron Archives

Athens Art Conservation collaborated with the French Archaeological School of Athens, in the framework of the research project entitled “Archives Gilliéron”.

In 2020, Athens Art Conservation was charged to examine, identify the printing technique, register, and document a series of 900 photographs and prints on paper appertain to the Gilliéron Archives. Additionally, during the registration phase, all necessary first-aid treatments were provided on the most delicate and damaged material for stabilization. Finally, Athens Art Conservation evaluated and organized the archival storage for the entire collection in acid free boxes and folders.

Condition of the “Photography Archive” unity before treatment.

Condition of the “Photography Archive” after intervention.

In 2022, Athens Art Conservation was selected by the French Archaeological School of Athens, for the documentation, restoration, and preventive conservation of the unity “Works on papers” (Pencils, Charcoal, Watercolor) of the “Archives Gilliéron”.

This unity of works of art counts 500 items with different sizes and mediums on paper, presenting various deteriorations. In order to register and document the artworks, Athens Art Conservation designed and created a tailormade database as per client needs, comprising all necessary information related to the identification and description of each artwork (Id., dimensions, date of creation, signature, other notes, medium, technique, characteristic of the paper support, photographic documentation, etc.) as well as the documentation of the condition of the artwork prior and after conservation.

Each artwork was examined using non-destructive techniques to decide upon the most adequate restoration and preservation procedures selected and  applied.

Finally, the unity was organized and stored in adequate boxes and folders made with inert materials, to facilitate their handling by the French school researchers and users.

First-aid and preventative conservation in situ.

Identification of the photographic technique, registration and documentation of the “Photographic Archive”.

Examination of the work on paper using ultraviolet light.

During conservation, using gels for cleaning old adhesives.

A charcoal drawing before and after conservation.

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